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Our mold inspection is designed to garter information on the condition of the property in regards to moisture and mold presence. At Reconstruction Mold Remediation our mold inspection covers three basic goals:
1. To see if a moisture problem exists in the home/building envelope.
2. If a moisture or water intrusion problem exists, what is the source or cause of same?
3. Check if mold growth is present as a result of moisture problems.


As a mold abatement company, we only recommend mold testing when we need to know the type and extent of the mold. Testing is useful if mold source is unclear, to identify the type of mold and toxic level if present, if health concerns warrant extra effort and to verify if remediation is complete. At Reconstruction Mold Remediation we always adhere to lab's sample recommendation and only work with laboratories that have been accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association(AIHA) for our mold testing.


Our remediation process involves removal, cleaning and treating mold affected material while ensuring the safety of occupants and our staff. We achieve this by erecting and maintaining a proper containment procedure and only used equipment and products that are EPA approved. Our Princeton, NJ staff is fitted with the proper protective gear as according to industry standard. At Reconstruction Mold Remediation we provide our client and staff with protocol which clearly outlines and explains the work to be done and the process and time of completion.