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• Inside and Outside French Drain
• Sump Pump Installation
• Kitchen Remodeling
• Basement Remodeling
• Bathroom Remodeling
• Water Restoration

Purpose & Functions of the Sub Pump

Its main function is to keep the area under the building dry therefore preventing flooding. The process involves the pumping of water from the pit through pipes and away from the home or office. We at Reconstruction Mold always make sure that there is a properly constructed sump pit. water.

We have an 8 step process in installing sub pumps. 

  1. 1. Find an area where the water is collecting in the crawl space. 
  2. 2. We dig a hole or pit for the sub pump.
  3. 3. Prepare the sub pump for operation, add gravel.
  4. 4. Attach the adapters.
  5. 5. Install check valves.
  6. 6. Channel water away from underneath the home or office.
  7. 7. Run PVC through hole.
  8. 8. Apply silicone sealant in hole.